Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Returners Updates

Hey gang, 

The Returners was certainly a fun experiment to do on here and I didn't expect it to find such an audience as fast as it did. For this, I'm really appreciative and can't thank all of you enough for all the kind words of encouragement.

What's next for the online novel experiment?

Well, I teamed up with a friend (Tim Hudson) and we started work on a website imagined for tablets and portable devices like Kindles and iPads. We created a publishing site for online works and have some really cool ideas for the future. For now, the only book featured on the site will be The Returners until we figure out exactly how everything will work and get commenting and contact pages all up to working order.

The site is:

There's more information on the site about what we're trying to accomplish. I will not be updating the blog with much in the way of information on the book from this point on. You'll want to follow me on twitter (@mikeyface) or preferably like the page on facebook at -- this will get you updates in real time (such as chapter 5 already being live on the website, so gogogogo.)

I would highly recommend checking the site out on a tablet. We went to painstaking length to ensure that it operated just like an app where you tap the edges of the screen and the next page loads instantly. It's actually pretty awesome.

Thanks for all the love for the book on here, but it was going to have to move onto greener pastures eventually.

Now back to your not-so-regularly scheduled updates on strokes and MS.


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